The award

Objectives and scope of the Award

Basic scope of the award is to widen the knowledge and communication about the very many and magnificent gifts the olive tree has given to humanity all along its history.

Since the oldest time olive plants and fruits have been highly considered and have played an important economic role. They have been used as food, medicines or basic ingredients to prepare precious cosmetic essences and infusions. Every single part of the plant was employed for a specific use: leaves, bark, roots and fruits.

The EVO&EVA International Award is aimed at strengthening the understanding of manufacturers of natural and organic cosmetics of the outstanding cosmetic properties of the olive tree well known to ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, and to boost its use to give excellence to the natural and organic cosmetic products we can find today on the market.

The great passion and expertise of the promoters within the world of organic extra-virgin olive oil (EVO) has been the driver inspiring this first edition of the EVO&EVA International Award, aimed at giving importance to the best cosmetic products present on the market.

The Award aims to contribute to the development of olive oil and cosmetics companies, providing new opportunities for the development and promotion of their products and their brand.


The Award aims to promote and enhance the sensitivity of companies to respect for nature, which is also respect for themselves.


The Award aims to encourage natural and organic formulations that contain functional active substances derived from the olive tree, ensuring the effectiveness of the product without the use of substances harmful to the environment


The Award wants to encourage research on the beneficial properties of substances derived from the olive tree plant, already well known in the nutritional field, even in natural and organic cosmetics.


Why join us

The competition aim to promote the knowledge of the extraordinary potential offered by the olive tree in the cosmetic field, stimulating and helping companies in the development of better and better products


Products winning for each category will have an additional and exclusive benefit: the ISPE institute – Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation - will determine the sensory profiles of the winning products, a very precious knowledge tool for cosmetic companies.

Winners will be communicated to national and international media which are active in both the olive oil and cosmetic fields and by using the social and internet blogs held by the project organizers and partners.

Each prize will have a dedicated mark that could be used by the winning companies for their own communication or printed on the winning product packaging.

Winners will be announced by the President of the Jury during a final event to which the jury members and the appointed technical experts will take part. Specialized bloggers and journalists will be invited to the event with the possibility to personally interview both attending companies and technical experts.

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