Press Release March 2021

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Press Release March 2021


THE EVO&EVA INTERNATIONAL AWARD – The Olive Tree in Natural Cosmetics is born.

Participation to the Award is open for companies producing the best natural and organic cosmetic products made with olive tree derive raw materials.

18th of March 2021 – The EVO&EVA international award is meant to spread the knowledge about the wonderful properties of the very many precious natural substances contained in the olive tree used for cosmetic purposes.

The founders of the Award are the Associazione Nazionale Donne dellOlio, promoting since more than 20 years the art of olive agriculture and oil production – and C.I.Bi, the Italian Consortium for Organic, which organizes since more than two decades the BIOL prize, the most authoritative quality award for organic certified extra virgin olive oil in the world.

By creating the THE EVO&EVA INTERNAZIONAL AWARD – The Olive Tree in Natural Cosmetics a group of qualified extra virgin olive oil experts has decided to boost and emphasize the use of olive tree derived raw materials inside cosmetic formulations which are truly natural and organic, where the respect for nature is the basic inspiration of the Award.

Gabriella Stansfield, the President of the Associazione Nazionale Donne dell’Olio, declared : “We strongly wanted to launch this project representing a new consciousness. EVO means the future, the evolution of the knowledge that is made possible by meeting with EVA , the basic feminine principle. Our olive trees can give birth to extraordinary natural and organic cosmetics while perfectly respecting our planet. The olive trees accompany human mankind since thousands of years, and the old civilizations knew how to extract from the olive tree powerful medical actives and precious natural substances used in oils and ointments».

«To create a synergy and to open a door between the cosmetic and the olive agriculture worlds is our intention, this is why we have created the International Award Evo&EVA where the Olive Tree is the main actor» Martina Rusconi Clerici responsible of the EVO&EVA project says.

Nino Paparella, President of C.I.Bi, is adding : “Thanks to the BIOL Prize it is many years that we enlarge at the international level the vision concerning organic certified extra virgin olive oils, trying to make the difference by emphasizing the crucial rôle played by organic productions as regards their ethical content, environmental sustainability and of course extraordinary quality ; our Consortium serves as a guarantee for consumers, granting them about the integrity of the oils participating in our award. We are willing to share our values with the natural and organic cosmetic producers, as they speak with the same kind of informed and green consumers we speak with».

The growing attention and importance consumers give to a sustainable personal care lead them more and more towards brands based on ethical and environmental concepts, brands using natural and organic sourced ingredients and joining advanced R&D with high quality raw materials. The EVO&EVA International Award will provide visibility to the best natural and organic cosmetics present on the market which are based on olive tree derived ingredients, and particularly to face, body and hand creams within this first edition of the award.

The highly qualified jury, composed of beauty, agricultural, media, medical, biology and chemical experts, together with two technical organisms – The Technical Committee (cosmetologists and chemists) and the Packaging Committee – will assign the awards to the first two classified companies evaluating the natural and organic content and sensorial properties of participating products. With this respect a consumer test will be organized and performed under the supervision of ISPE – Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation.

Our partnership with ISPE will also grant a special benefit to the winning products in each award category, consisting of a complete sensorial profile performed by a panel of specifically trained and selected evaluators.

The award will also confer a special prize dedicated to organic farms developing their own cosmetic products and not having cosmetics as their relevant activity, and to companies distinguishing for a high degree of research and innovation as regards the use of olive derived ingredients.

A special award is dedicated to the best and most sustainable packaging solutions and to the best communication to consumers about the use of olive tree derived ingredients thanks to the partnership with IED – the European Design Institute located in Milan.

The first edition of the EVO&EVA INTERNAZIONAL AWARD – The Olive Tree in Natural Cosmetics has been made possible thanks to the collaboration with primary institutions, among them the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, BDIH (the historical German association which is active since more than 60 years in the field of natural health, medical and cosmetic products), ISPE – Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation and IED – Istituto Europeo di Design.


The EVO&EVA logo has been created by the Visual Artist Enrico Sterle Lucich.


Technical Information

Companies can apply until the 28th of May 2021.

Only cosmetic products containing olive tree derived ingredients can participate in the award. Products can be certified according to a natural and organic cosmetic standard or not certified, In any case products containing silicons, parabens, colorants, parfum or other completely synthetic molecules of petrochemical origin will be allowed to participate. The complete list of not allowed substances is detailed in enclosure 1 of the Award Regulation.

The Notice and the Regulation of the award are available on the official EVO&EVA website,  For info :



Associazione Nazionale Donne dell’Olio

The Associazione Nazionale Donne dell’Olio was born in April 2000 by the initiative of a group of women producing extra virgin olive oil, with the aim of promoting and communicating the art of olive tree cultivation and oil production. The presence within the association of different expertises serves as stimulus to promote events of different kinds, joining technical experts, professionals and consumers.

C.I.Bi. – Biol Prize

C.I.Bi, Consorzio Italiano per il Biologico, was born in 1993 founded by a group of farmers and technical experts considering organic certification a crucial tool to obtain and emphasize the quality of agricultural products. To do this C.I.Bi has created e technical structure to operate controls concerning product certifications and the use of collective marks to grant the attained quality. C.I.Bi has created the BIOL Prize which is now in its XXV edition awarding the best extra virgin organic olive oil in the world.



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